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Music Revitalization On Display

The MRP Instrument Lending Project.

The Music Revitalization Project would be happy to take any new or used instrument(s) that are in good condition.
This program would involve the MRP having the instruments repaired to playing condition, catalogued and offered to local youth whose desire and financial state qualify them in the community.
Lessons would be required to qualify for an instrument loan.

Collaborations with other organizations, such as theater, dance, music, libraries or art.

The Music Revitalization Project, encourages collaboration with other groups on music related events. Whether it is a performance series, or support funding, the MRP will consider any proposal made in person or writing.
If you have an idea to “revitalize” music in your community, please contact us at

Instructor Directory

The MRP is often asked if we know of people who give lessons on particular musical instruments. We thought it would be great if we could distribute a list of instructors in the area to those who request it. We would like to put together an Instructor Directory. If you would like to be included in this directory, please contact us at
The information in the directory will include your name, address, phone number, the instrument you teach, the level of student you prefer and where you would hold your classes. The MRP will not endorse nor recommend any particular instructors in the directory, but will simply provide the directory upon request, and will have the directory available at all MRP events.
We hope this would be a valuable tool to get students and teachers together in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Community Band Challenge Cup

One project we are exploring is the MRP Community Band Challenge Cup. This will be a competitive event open to local community concert/wind bands with the winner and runner-up receiving prize money.
This event is in the early planning stages and any contributions made towards this project will help support items such as; auditorium rental, judges expenses, printing costs for programs, tickets and advertising and contestant prizes.
The objective of The Challenge Cup is to bring together local groups in a competitive event that would bring a unique style of entertainment to the community and encourage quality performance by the participants.

Community Bandstands or Concert Series in Parks

There are many communities that would benefit by having a outdoor stage for summer performances. The MRP would like to in the future be part of such a venue for summer concerts or partially funding a concert series.

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