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MRP Lending Library
Music Revitalization On Display

Have you ever tried to locate a piece of music that was published years ago, or even recently, that is now out of print? Or did you hear a great orchestration that you know would knock the socks off your players and the audience, but you can’t convince your treasurer to spend the “big bucks” on just one score? Or how many times have you passed out a song, and then found out you were missing crucial parts, even the conductor’s score? And what about that song that a friend or player told you was great, but after purchasing it and giving it a test drive you decided it just wasn’t going to work. Stuck with it, right?

Have hope! The Music Revitalization Project has a music lending library that can serve your needs. We have a large selection of music and plan to continually expand our holdings. The lending library is offered to any area band, community or scholastic organization, within a fifty mile radius of Norton, MA. Currently we offer this service free of charge. Several MRP members play in community bands in Southeastern Massachusetts and have witnessed the need for this type of library. We grew up loving wonderful orchestrations and have discovered that when we try to locate them, they are out of print, never to be played, or heard again. Many area organizations such as the East Bay Wind Ensemble, Metropolitan Wind Symphony, S.E. Massachusetts Wind Symphony, Boston City Band and the Attleboro Youth Summer Band have taken advantage of this unique lending system. The MRP also purchases new scores for organizations that are unable to buy the music for themselves, and then lend it to them.

If you are excited about this venture as much as we are, and have questions, please contact the MRP music librarian at If you have doubles of scores, or even songs you‘re unable to play because of missing parts, please consider donating them to the MRP Lending Library. By indexing, sorting, and putting together parts that come from a lot of different sources, we would often end up with complete sets of playable music that everyone can enjoy once again.

Click here to view our Library List
Click here for some of the forms you can download

The Music Revitalization Project is the proud recipient of a grant
from the Boch Family Foundation, Music Drives Us. Please visit for more information on the Music Drives Us Foundation and the incredible work they are doing in the music community.

Music Drives Us
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