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MRP Lending Library
Music Revitalization On Display

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Lending Rules   Download the PDF Version      Download the Zip File
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Library Request Form   Download the PDF Version      Download the Zip File
Sample parts record
Music Survey*

We're also interested in hearing what kinds, types, styles of music you would like to see us obtain. We need feedback. By completing our simple survey you will provide us valuable feedback.

*Thank you for the recent inquiry about our music lending library. Please fill out the request form legibly, and completely. All requests must be in writing, especially if you require special waivers. You will be notified if the music you requested is available and where you can pick it up. We currently do not send music through the mail. You can also request loans online. Please use the online music request form to request music.

We look forward to fullfilling your loan request. Contact the MRP Music Librarian at

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