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MRP Instrument Petting Zoo

The Music Revitalization Project’s Instrument Petting Zoo gives a chance for children and adults to try various musical instruments.

The “zoo” consists of a mix of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments displayed on a table with knowledgeable volunteers showing individuals how to play ( in some cases make sounds) with them. We have witnessed wide-eyed youngsters, teens who always wanted to play an instrument and even adults that wanted to play and never had the chance when they were young, or remember when they use to play. The joy in their faces is priceless. Click to Enlarge

The “zoo” is offered during MRP sponsored performances or advocacy events. If you have an instrument collecting dust, you can donate it specifically for the Instrument Zoo, so that others can enjoy a chance to play one. There is always a need for more than one instrument, as the lines of people waiting to play can get long. To find out how to donate an instrument, see the How you can help page.

Here are some photos of our Instrument Petting Zoo.
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