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Sun Chronicle, August 14, 2006
Banding Together - Parents join kids in popular
summer band program
Sun Chronicle, August 29, 2004
For love of music - Revitalization Project
nurtures area musicians
Sun Chronicle, date unknown
Here's musical gift that won't fit under tree
Milford Daily News, February 7, 1997
Musical talent earns a donation
Sun Chronicle, December 17, 1996
Musical Advances - Intergenerational concert
boosts area musicians
Sun Chronicle, photo w/ caption
Holiday Song
Norton Mirror, July 20, 2001 photo w/ caption
Town Folk
Sun Chronicle, date unknown
Music hot item at city market - Musical group's
'petting zoo' intrigues kids despite heat
Sun Chronicle, photo w/ caption
Hot, hot, hot night at the market
Norton Mirror, April 17, 1998
MRP chooses winner to join 'World's
Largest Orchestra'
Sun Chronicle, March 8, 1998
AHS girl will play her way to record
Pittsburgh Tribune, April 20, 1998
World's Largest Orchestra record broken
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